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Final Fantasy XII

Box Art

Final Fantasy XII Logo

Final Fantasy XII Box Art Final Fantasy XII Logo
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Release Dates

March 16, 2006 October 31, 2006 February 23, 2007

Game Information

A warrior takes sword in hand, holds a stone to chest disappearing memories carved onto the sword, trained skills entrusted to the stone, the story is told by the sword and continued by the stone. Now, let that story be told:

Final Fantasy XII is set in a world called Ivalice where the two kingdoms Arcadia and Rosaria have been fighting for yearts. The small Kingdom of Dalmaska is located in a strategically important corridor between the two great kingdoms though has fallen to the Arcadian Empire. This is where we begin our story.

Vann, an optimistic and bright young man, cuts his ties with his relatives in Dalmaska and goes to find his own personal freedom. While doing so he meets Ashe, the princess of Dalmaska, who has left her Kingdom to join the resistance. It isn't long before she loses her heart to him, and so the story begins.

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