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Final Fantasy X

Box Art

Final Fantasy X Logo

Final Fantasy X Box Art Final Fantasy X Logo
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Release Dates

July 19, 2001 December 20, 2001 May 29, 2002

Game Information

Dead for a thousand years,
A great terror arose from the deep,
It swept across the land,
A lone past still lingers,
Destiny can not be denied,

A burden grows heavier,
To the kingdom of the sun,
Across a vast sea,
A journey home begins...

Spira was home to highly developed civilizations until 1000 years ago, when Sin first appeared. Sin is a tresspasser, a scourge upon the land. It falls only to rise again, bringing chaos and destruction to Spira's technological advances.

A group of travellers from different tribes and walks of life will set aside their own beliefs to save their crying world. Together they will guard a young Summoner determined to defeat Sin at all costs. The party journeys to the very ends of the world, visiting temples and bonding with Aeons.

As the Summoner gains new strengths, she prepares to recieve her Final Summoning, the only power that can defeat Sin and save the world.

Eye Candy

Final Fantasy X Screenshot Final Fantasy X Screenshot Final Fantasy X Screenshot
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