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Final Fantasy X-2

Box Art

Final Fantasy X-2 Logo

Final Fantasy X-2 Box Art Final Fantasy X-2 Logo
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Release Dates

March 13, 2003 November 18, 2003 February 20, 2004

Game Information

Two years have passed since Sin was destroyed. Since defeating Sin and becoming high summoner, Yuna has lived on her childhood home of Besaid Island, and the predictable days pass by one after another. Isn't this simple happiness what she has always wanted? Still, Yuna senses something is missing....

Then, one day, her former guardian Rikku comes t obesaid and shows Yuna a movie sphere. The recording is of him. Or is it? Yuna can not tell whether it is him or just someone who resembles him. If it is him, Yuna might be able to see him one more time. If not, Yuna will probably never see him again. No matter what the truth may be, the answers she finds may change things forever. Yuna begins another journey.

Eye Candy

Final Fantasy X-2 Screenshot Final Fantasy X-2 Screenshot Final Fantasy X-2 Screenshot
100% Completion Guide
Battle System
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Crimson Spheres
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- Full Throttle
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- Gunner
- Lady Luck
- Machina Maw
- Mascot
- Samurai
- Song Stress
- Thief
- Trainer
- Warrior
- White Mage
Dressphere Abilities
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