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ALL of the content was written by the FFElement staff. If we have used material(ie: trailers or any others forms of media, not content of any kind) from other sites and have not given proper credit to them, the site administrator(s) should get in contact with us promptly.(Note: If any staff member is caught stealing content from any other site will be banned from FFE staff, forums, and will go on our blacklist for future refrences)

You may use news information as long as it's quoted from its original source. All images used for the site are Final Fantasy Element, and may not be used elsewhere without proper credit given to FFE. Screenshots, artwork, and covers are also copyright by us and can only be used in your site if you provide credit to us for it. Wallpapers, and fan art are the property of the respective owners.


This site is designed for the all most every resolution and IE browser at this point in time. Future movies will be compatible with Windows Media Player.


All of the content (ie: reviews), and design are 2004-2005 FINAL FANTASY ELEMENT. Some news and pictures are copyright of the respective owner(s). FINAL FANTASY, SQUARE SOFT/SQUARE ENIX, and the SQUARESOFT/SQUARE ENIX logos are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY: a) COMPUTER GRAPHICS MOVIE: Square Visualworks Co., Ltd. b) ILLUSTRATION: YOSHITAKA AMANO. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is 2001 Square Pictures and Columbia Tri Star Films. Nintendo, Famicom, Super Nintendo, and the Super Famicom are registered trademarks of Nintendo Co, Ltd. PlayStation and PlayStation 2 adn the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Thank you for reading the Final Fantasy Element Disclaimer.

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